Monday, May 14, 2007

skwishy sock

There has been sock knitting. This is the sample sock that I'm knitting for Trish. It is such a speedy knit! I started this Sat afternoon and I'm ready to turn the heel. No knitting progress to report on anything else.

I finished my stained glass wall hanging. I was hoping to finish it last Thurs at sit'n stitch but I ran out of thread and I forgot to bring extra. Doh! I'll post pictures when it arrives at the recipient's home.

We went over to my parents' place for supper yesterday night to celebrate Mother's Day. I took advantage of the floor space and basted my niece's queen sized quilt. I still don't know what quilting pattern I'll use. I gotta get crackin' if I want to finish this by mid June.

Ricky is recovering. He's still coughing but only if he meows too much/too loudly and sometimes when he grooms. His appetite is right back to where it was before - eating all his food and then stealing Phoebe's. Sigh...

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