Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lots of FOs

It feels like forever since I've been reunited with my camera cable, and been able to upload photos to the blog! It turns out that one of the boys (probably Geoff) grabbed the cable and hid it under the endtable beside the couch. It would still be there if Tony hadn't noticed that there was a USB cable in the wrong place.

But I can't stay mad at these kids.

So I've got a bunch of FOs to report.

First, some April socks in my birthday yarn -- the Tofutsies socks in the Tidal Wave pattern. (Thanks, Dotty, for the gorgeous yarn!)

Then there was a pair of cashmere anklets for my sister-in-law.

Next up, my May socks. A pair of plain toe-up stockinette socks in Online Summer, a cotton blend. Love the colours in this one. It went to my neighbour's daughter for her birthday.

Then a pair in Regia Surf for my mom, for mother's day. This was my first experiment with the cuff-down picot top. It's a great technique. I've "unvented" a provisional cast-on with the Turkish cast-on and those ultra-flexible Knitpicks needles.

And finally, another pair of anklets for me: Regia bamboo, one skein only with just a few yards left over.
The interesting thing about this pair was the eye of partridge heel. On the Socknitters list, someone had mentioned that you should always slip-as-if-to-purl unless otherwise directed, so that's what I did with the first sock (on the right). I wasn't happy with the look of that heel, so on the second one, I did a slip-as-if-to-knit, and got a much nicer pattern and texture.

And it wasn't all socks around here. I finished my Noro Kureyon bag, and felted it. Before and after photos below.
See that wee scrap of yellow yarn coming down from the handle? That's all I have left from the six balls of Kureyon that went into this bag.


KSee said...

your bag is just beautiful

Kat said...

Love the bag, but the SOCKS!! Wow, they're wonderful! Thanks so much for the comparison between the slip as if to purl and slip as if to knit! I'm going to have to do some testing with other yarns now, too! :-)