Sunday, May 27, 2007

resistance is futile

"You will be assimilated" - the Borg

Hubby came in Friday night after wrangling with the lawn. On his way to the washroom to wash his hands, he told me that while he was winding up the extension cord, he thought that it would be easier if he had a niddy noddy. Hahahahahahahahaha! What's even funnier is that I don't even own a niddy noddy. Just maybe mentioned it once or twice when I was winding up yarn for dyeing.

All my sample knitting has been washed and blocked. I knit one stockinette sample on 3.5mm needles and another on 4mm to complete the set. I'll put everything in the mail tomorrow morning. Yay - another FO! (If you're counting, that's 2 in the last week)

I moved my gift knitting project to my new Addi lace turbos. Wow! Those tips are great. I am looking forward to sssk and k3tog with the inelastic hemp. I'll bet it goes well. I've got 3 more inches of stockinette (in fingering weight yarn) before I can start the lace section.

I had a little nap this afternoon - with Ricky, who crawled under the quilt when I pulled it over my legs. Ricky just loves being under quilts. Hubby said that when he put a hand on my hip to wake me, Ricky squawked a complaint from under the quilt whereas I didn't move a muscle. He is such a special cat!

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