Tuesday, June 26, 2007

almost perfect

Well? Whaddya think? It's close to perfection. The bottom is approx. 5" square and it's approx 12" tall.

I was inspired by a clear vinyl tote that I found under the bathroom sink. I didn't like the way the drawstring worked with the vinyl so I thought it would be ok to add fabric to the top. I reused the drawstring casing and bag bottom technique from previous attempts. This new bag has it's pluses & minuses:
+ you can see what's in the bag thus easily identifying your sock project without having to open all your project bags
- you can see what's in the bag so it's harder to keep your knitting a secret
+ the vinyl is stiff enough to hold the bag upright without any need for interfacing (major drawback for the last bag that I made)
- does not collapse for storage or compress for packing
- the vinyl smells funny; will the smell transfer to the yarn?
- not as easy to construct as I had first thought; vinyl sticks to the bed of my sewing machine
+ vinyl is inexpensive compared to quilting cotton
+ vinyl is easy to clean/wipe off

I think I'll head back to the fabric store and buy a slightly thinner gauge vinyl. I'd like to have something that smushes a little better for stuffing into my purse. I'll also pick up some tear-away interfacing to place between the vinyl and the sewing machine to prevent sticking. Plus leather needles would be a good investment since they'll sew through the vinyl more easily than the jeans/canvas needles I was using.

Let me know what y'all think about it.


PurlingPirate said...

I think it's fabulous!! I love it!! Plus the vinyl will be water resistant which is good when knitting outside, putting your knitting bag down on a restaurant floor, and around a 2 year!! woot! Great bag!!!

The Imperfect Knitter said...

This is absolutely great , a couple of weeks ago I was knitting a sock outside in the sun , the ball of wool had been hand wound and was nicely rounded, I dropped the wool, it skidded off straight down a drain pipe that W had been meaning to cap off for ages, I watched in horror as it disappeared , I couldn't get my hand down the pipe, in the end, I had to haul back the length by length , I now keep my wool in a plastic bag . I am now using one of the ones that you sent the cool aid in, thanks Dotty for being such a wonderful friend .