Wednesday, June 27, 2007


My Monkey socks are done! And I love them. Thank you, Ann for the lovely yarn!

The obligatory sock blocker picture:

Out of 100g of yarn, this is all that's left (not much)...

I joined the Tour de France KAL yesterday. I signed up to wear the green sprinter's jersey because my project is "24 socks". I have accepted a commission to knit 12 pairs of socks. The yarn should arrive sometime this week and I will be "practising" before the start of the race (July 7th). I bought some long circs and will be trying my hand at knitting 4 socks at a time. I also plan on using a new toe cast-on technique that everyone is raving about. My hubby thinks I'm crazy. His comment to me - "you know the race is only 3 weeks long..." Duh! That's why I'm wearing a green jersey.

Remember that hubby was really sick the other week? Turns out that he wasn't the only one. A large number of racers also fell ill shortly after the race. A few of them were tested and the culprit is Campylobacter bacteria. It's found in the intestines of animals and in their feces. I am sure that everyone got sick from swallowing mud. I am going to buy hubby a front fender and maybe a helmet with a full face mask.

While I was outside with the camera, I took a few pictures of plants currently in bloom.

Masterwort (astrantia major)

Rock Rose (cistus landifer)

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Ann K. said...

Wow -- they look awesome! Great job... you wear them well!