Friday, June 29, 2007

status report

Someone keeps asking me about my lace nightie. So here's a progress picture:

I've completed about 2 and a half repeats of the lace pattern. I've got the pattern memorized but it doesn't make the knitting go any faster. I am very pleased with the look of the lace in the silk. My stitches look horribly uneven but a good wash and block will fix it.

Monkey socks seem to have my attention at the moment.

After much deliberation (and hauling out all my yarn choices), I chose the Sweetgeorgia in Blue Steel. It's been sitting on the coffee table taunting me for the last few months while I've knit with other sock yarn.

I am rethinking this whole "24 socks" project for the TDF KAL. I kinda forgot that I'm going camping for a week plus I have a list of chores to do before I leave. Rats...

Happy Canada Day long weekend! I will be praying for sun so that I don't get soaked listening to free jazz on Sunday. I'll be gobbling chocolate filled croissants, munching on cherries, and KIPing. Plus my gift knitting gets gifted so I get to post about it Monday/soon (depends on whether she opens her gift right away or waits until her actual birthday).


PurlingPirate said...

Your weekend sounds like so much fun and that sock yarn is gorgeous!!

The Imperfect Knitter said...

Wow , what a fabulous week end you have planned, have you tried to knit the monkey socks toe up ? the pattern looks just as great the other way round . Oh, and just as an after thought ...... the nightie looks wonderful !!!!!!!!!
Have a great week end and I hope that the sun shines for you

Meg said...

maybe you can do a 24-sock challenge but pro-rate it to the number of days you have available to knit?!
Or, that nightie is tres belle, and quite easily imagined as a French style garment!