Friday, June 22, 2007

do over

I haven't posted since Monday? You'd think I'd have some knitting to show by now. I had a plan... But it got waylaid at 11pm yesterday night. I cast on for the Lace Nightie and I'd knit almost 3000 sts when I laid it out to have a look. Then it hit me - I had a lace moebius nightie. Wah!!!!!! I swear it didn't have a twist when I joined in the round. Swear! I showed hubby and he said yep, I was screwed. So he helped me frog and I cast on again, I joined in the round without twisting (a second time), and I've successfully knit one round. Sigh...

The rest of the week has been a blur. Hubby is very, very ill with an intestinal virus. He went willingly to see a doctor Wed morning which is a sure sign that he's very sick. He hasn't eaten solids since Monday and he's not allowed to until Sunday. His menu for today is water, ginger ale, and chicken and/or beef broth. If he's feeling ok, I might try to get some soup into him for supper. He weighed himself yesterday and he's lost 10 pounds. I told ya he was sick.

My nieces and sister are in town visiting and we went out to the aquarium on Wed. They were a little young for it but they had fun watching the bigger fish/mammals and the jellyfish. We were watching the dolphin show when the dolphins created a little splash and the girls got sprinkled which set them crying so we had to leave the show. Sigh... While we were driving out of the park, they spied the water park so we had to stop and let them run around for a bit. My sister and I went a little crazy, too. I had to wring the water out of the bottoms of my capris before I could get into the van.

In other yarn/knitting news, I turned the heel on the second Monkey sock. I had a funny loop of yarn working the last row of the heel turn but I've fiddled with the stitches and I think it'll be ok. I don't know what happened. I didn't have that problem on my first Monkey sock.

My silk yarn order has been straightened out. I'm being sent 3 cones of sycamore and I was supposed to return the 3 cones of navy but the post office wanted almost $29 to mail $48 worth of yarn so the seller has decided to let me donate the yarn to charity. If I can't find a charity willing to take silk then I'll knit with it and donate the finished item to charity.

I picked up some Indigo Moon handpainted sock yarn at knit nite. It's my payment for the sample knitting. I chose the Mountain Mist colour. It's greys and browns. I'll get some pics when there's more daylight (and when there's more lace nightie to show off).

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allergicmom said...

Oh, poor Markus! I hope he gets better soon -- that's an awful lot of weight to lose!