Tuesday, June 5, 2007

sock yarn shopping

I've been reading about the TNNA show on a bunch of blogs today. There are a lot of gorgeous yarns out there. I just read about two new-to-me sock yarns - wool/nylon Cherry Tree Hill and hand-dyed Rio de la Plata. Quick - where's my oxygen? I must resist since I will be getting a whack of sock yarn for my birthday.

Not much progress on Monkey - maybe one more repeat. I had a leetle bit of a problem reading the chart.

Sometimes, Phoebe can be a real pest. But she doesn't lie in my lap often (my legs are too short for her to stretch out) so I humour her whenever she's in the mood. It's either that or she parks herself on the sofa cushion right behind my head and breathes cat breath at me.

Some news about Ricky... He is not doing well. I picked up more antibiotics last week after the first batch ran out. And during the last week, his appetite has gone downhill. He doesn't come into the kitchen when it's feeding time. I have to hunt him down and bring him to his bowl. Then he takes one sniff and walks away. I called the vet yesterday and he said to discontinue the medication and to feed Ricky straight tuna. That perked up his appetite for one meal. I went out and bought some really smelly cat food today. I gave him the sardine steaks and salmon for supper but it took several attempts to get him to eat and he only ate half of what I put in front of him. He's still not eating enough but he's eating more than before. I keep telling myself to be patient.

While there hasn't been much progress on Monkey, I got a lot accomplished on my gift knitting. There are 288 sts per row and I knit almost 15 rows in the last 2 days. I've got the pattern memorized which helps speed things along. I can't wait to get this finished and move onto other not-for-myself projects. I have been asked by Trish (I just knit her a bunch of samples) to knit her 10-12 pairs of socks and she'll pay me with her yarn. Hmmm... what colours should I get?

As we were finishing supper tonite, there was a wildlife sighting.

We often see blue herons in our neighbour's yard because he's got a pond in the far corner. But we've never seen one land on his patio cover. It was there for several minutes. I thought about going outside to take better pictures but my movements would've spooked it.

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