Saturday, June 9, 2007

more mail

The postperson rang again. And this time, there was yarn! I completely forgot that Ronnie (my absolute favourite person in the whole wide world!) was sending me some yarn samples from Colourmart. These are some leftovers that she had. All of it is cashmere except the pale pink one on the far right - that one's silk/cashmere. Oooooo!

And she included some of Jean Greenhowe's patterns. The Little Gift Dolls has a very cute witch that I want to make.

I am nearing the end of my gift knitting. I have 4 more rows left but each row is now 594 sts! My poor 32" circ is max'd out - shuffling the sts is quite the chore. I still need to knit 50-something inches of i-cord for the tie.

There hasn't been much knitting in the last few days. My Mom's birthday was Thurs and we went out for lunch and a little shopping. She really liked my new cardigan and she wants me to make her one but with long sleeves. I took her measurements and I'll be yarn shopping. I may use Lion's Cotton-Ease again or I may try something else. Wool is a no-no because Mom's got sensitive skin. I think Mission Falls 1824 cotton would be a good choice.

That same cardigan is giving me some grief. I've worn it quite a few times and because it's knit from the top-down, the neck has stretched out a lot. The sweater is starting to fall off my shoulders now. I have consulted with TECHknitter and I have a plan to fix my cardigan as well as modifications to the pattern for Mom's.

The other reason for no knitting is my migraine. Ugh! It started yesterday morning and it's a whopper. I can take one more pill today and then I have to wait until tomorrow to take more. I don't know if I'll make it... We were invited over to Gladys' for supper tonite but we declined because I can't take noise/light/excitement right now.

Ricky is doing much better. Thanks for all your kind thoughts. He coughed up a gi-normous hairball Thurs morning and he started eating normally that evening. In fact, he's back to his usual self - 3am fights with Phoebe, ripping up the carpet on the stairs at 5am (I got up this morning and threw a slipper at him), howling at the top of his lungs at random moments, and letting us know that he's hungry about an hour before feeding time (this involves meowing loudly and sometimes biting our toes). I'll call the vet on Monday to see what we should do with the remainder of his medication.

On Friday afternoon, Ricky did one of his 'normal' things:

... finding the nearest quilt covered lap and crawling underneath. Isn't he special?

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