Monday, June 11, 2007

and the postperson rang thrice!

And this time, we have 100% silk from Colourmart. Two cones - enough to make both lacy items pictured. The picture doesn't show the true colour of the yarn. It's more of a light lavender colour.

Ta da - my gift knitting is finally finished! Here is a sneak peek:

It's in the washing machine as I type and then it'll go into the dryer where some magic will occur. I had to ditch the i-cord and go with a crochet chain. No matter how hard I pulled, I couldn't get rid of the horizontal ladder when I pulled the yarn across to knit the first stitch. I think you need to use a yarn with stretch to make i-cord work.

Since the gift knitting is done, I've had some time to work on Monkey (migraine finally went away yesterday so things are back to normal). The remaining ball of yarn was looking a bit skimpy so I weighed it after I finished knitting the heel flap. The scale said 26g. Hmmm... I've used half the skein on the leg and heel flap. What do you think the chances are that I'll run out of yarn? This is only my second pair of top-down socks and you can see why I prefer toe-up. I swear I'm cursed.

There was some movie watching this weekend so I started a TV watching sock. This yarn is also from Ann - my Knitter's Treat Exchange spoiler. I love the pink and purple!

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Ann K said...

I hope you don't run out of yarn with your Monkey socks?
I believe and am hoping it will be JUST ENOUGH yarn... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Nice Trekking socks.. I'm happy you like the colors.