Monday, June 4, 2007

ook ook

Hey Gladys - great entrelac sock! Your yarn choice was absolutely perfect. Too bad that it doesn't fit well. I had a look at the pattern and it's only 7.5" around and I would probably have problems getting it over my heel, too.

And those baby surprise jackets are adorable. I picked up the current Vogue Knitting on Sat and there's a Meg Swansen article on EZ's Baby Surplice jacket. The construction looks the same except the front is a ballet-wrap style.

I broke down and started a new sock yesterday night. Don't be shocked - it's being knit cuff down (only my second cuff down pair - my first pair doesn't count because I was test knitting). It's Monkey and I'm using the Koigu that I received in the Knitter's Treat Exchange. I love it!

I showed hubby my sock and he couldn't see the "monkey". I laughed and told him there isn't actually a monkey in the pattern. I gave him the pattern so he could see why it was called Monkey.

I made a slight boo boo when I started knitting. I accidentally used the wrong needles for the cuff (2.75mm instead of 2.5mm). I figured out my error when I started the lace section. My steel dpns come in sets of 4 and I needed a 5th needle so I had to track down another set. When I sat back down, I realized the needle that I was holding was smaller than the needles already in the sock. This accident is probably good because the cuff is roomy enough for my huge calves.

I finally got my IK! There is some cool stuff in there. I like the Tuxedo Shirt, I love the Notre Dame de Grace pullover (I have some stash yarn that would be perfect), the Oriel Lace Blouse is gorgeous, and the Boot Socks look neat.

Well, I should get back to some gift knitting now that the weather's cooled down. The outdoor thermometer hit 28C yesterday. It's 10 degrees cooler today.


allergicmom said...

Everyone's doing monkeys, and I'm thinking of doing a Pomotamus -- man, I'm behind!

It looks great so far!

Ann K. said...

I'm so happy to see you using the yarn I sent to you... It looks fantastic in the Monkey pattern! I just love Koigu... AND I'm on my third pair of Monkey socks! Goes to show I love that pattern too! LOL! I even see more Monkeys in my future!
Can't wait to see your finished socks... Have a fabulous week!