Sunday, June 24, 2007

catch up

It's just after 6am - no one else is awake except the cats so I have time to catch up on blogging. First up is some new yarn - Indigo Moon sportweight in the Mountain Mist colour that I mentioned in an earlier post. I got 200g because hubby's feet are huge.

And Trish has started dyeing fingering weight sock yarn. Check out the pictures. I can't wait til knit nite next Wed so that I can see it all in person - if there's any left.

My lqs got some new fabric that I just had to buy. I am such a sucker for sparkly stuff.

There has been progress on my Monkey sock. After supper at my parents' house yesterday, I was working on it and my oldest niece asked, "what are you doing, Auntie Dotty?". I replied, "knitting a sock". "A stinky sock?" hahahahahahahahah! My niece cracks me up sometimes.

Not to be left out, I have funny conversations with my youngest niece, too.
(we're all sitting at the table eating supper)
Her: Auntie Dotty?
Me: what?
Her: Auntie Dotty?
Me: yes?
Her: Auntie Dotty?
Me: hmmm?
Me (pointing to my Mom): who's that?
Her: Pau Pau (chinese for maternal grandmother)
Me (pointing to my other niece): who's that?
Her: Chelsea
Me (pointing to my sister): who's that?
Her: Mom!
Me (pointing to myself): who's that?
Her: your shirt!

And this is the lace nightie after 1 lace repeat. I've finished 2 repeats now and I realized that my row gauge is way off. I need to yank out my calculator and do some row math before I get much further.

Oh - my 3 errant cones of sycamore silk showed up Friday afternoon. Yay! I am now caught up on all my silk yarn orders. The vendor has decided that it's not worth shipping the 3 cones of navy back so I am supposed to find a charity to donate it to or knit it up and donate the finished garment.

And to finish up this post, I caught Ricky having a really good snooze on our bed.

"zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" - Ricky

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