Saturday, March 31, 2007


Flash Your Stash is tomorrow. I'll be busy working on a charity quilt so I've been taking pictures all week (eep!) so that I'll be ready to post tomorrow morning. I have a reasonable yarn stash. It might scare my hubby but he knows that the big stash is quilting fabric. After this weekend, I will go through my yarn and work on getting rid of some of it. Keep your eyes peeled for it on Good Yarn Karma. I'll only post whole usable skeins. Any leftovers will be donated to charity.

I finally got the Bonita shirt started sans moebius. Phew! That was trickier than it should've been. But now I'm cruising. No pic since there's only 1 inch of boring hem facing knitted.

And I started another project. In my previous post, I was lusting after that hemp yarn. I found the perfect project for the yarn - the Indigo Ripples skirt from the current IK. I ran out to the yarn store to buy the hemp this morning and I've spent the rest of the day in mathland working out the details. The hemp is fingering (yes, it has occurred to me that I'm nuts for knitting a skirt with sock-sized 2.75mm needles) and the project yarn is dk/sport so I need to make a lot of changes. I also swatched and I need to wash the swatch before I start the real thing.

And here's a little temptation... Discontinued Brand Name Yarn - I think I hear my credit card sobbing. They've got superwash sock yarn ($11.99), bamboo ($42.50 for bag of 10 - 100g/250yds), etc. I must knit fasterso that I can buy more yarn!

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Anne said...

Oh that skirt is cute! I've been dying to start one of the skirts in big girl knits, I'm just having trouble thinking of a yarn that would make a skirt that isn't too hot to wear in Atlanta! haha.