Wednesday, March 28, 2007

feels like summer

I am wearing shorts!!!! It's still a little cool but I've been moving around all day so I'm keeping warm. I mucked in the garden - planted 7 plants: 2 heathers, a cranesbill geranium, a heuchera, a bergenia, and 2 helianthums. The new flower bed is looking much better. While I was taking stock of what needed to be planted, I came across 2 identical mystery plants. They look like a tree/shrub and one is slightly larger than the other. I cannot remember what I bought last year that came in those pots (I buy a lot of stuff that I can't remember). They were just starting to leaf out so I guess I'll have to wait awhile before the mystery can be solved.

A yarny package (#2 of 3) arrived today... But it's not all mine.

Yoo hoo, Gladys - your Noro is here. The book goes to another knitting friend. The Addi Lace circ, Atacama, Regia sock yarn, Panda Cotton, and Panda Wool are mine (I'm replenishing the sock yarn that my Mom has taken from my stash). Pairs of socks that I can knit from stash: 23.

On the knitting front, I finally did laundry and washed my Bonita shirt swatch (do not remind me that I've already finished knitting the whole shirt). The swatch shrank but it only shrank lengthwise. It did not shrink widthwise - not one single bit. Argh!!! I had made the shirt slightly wider so that it would shrink to fit. And now it looks like I'm stuck with that width. Do you think 4" of ease is a little too much? I'm afraid that I might just have to rip out the whole thing and start over (seems to be a popular theme over here).

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kathy said...

Hi im looking for some yarn where did you buy yours im looking for sock yarn thanks kat