Tuesday, July 10, 2007

aw shucks

Thanks for the compliments on my niece's quilt. It was fun to make. I'm currently planning my next quilting project. It's a twin size quilt for Geoff - my co-blogger's youngest son (I've already made a quilt for her oldest son). It's going to be sea/ocean themed. I have a selection of fabric on hand but my lqs recently got some new bolts and I'm going to see if any of them are suitable. I work there tomorrow afternoon so I'll take my big stack of fabrics with me and check things out.

It was really hot today so hubby and I veg'd out in front of the TV and fan. We watched a gory chinese movie this afternoon. I finished a monkey sock while ignoring the bloody scenes.

My gauge is different somehow. The sock is harder to pull over my heel. And I only did 6 repeats for the foot. On my Koigu pair, I had to knit 7 repeats.

I still haven't crossed the start line yet. I got an email and the yarn was just mailed yesterday! Eeek! If I'm lucky, it'll arrive tomorrow and at least, I'll get to touch it before I go camping. Speaking of camping, we'll be driving past Lac le Jeune so I hope to convince hubby to stop for pictures of me knitting. I think knitting at a place with a French name counts as participating in the TDF, don't you? Besides, "jeune" (young person) is pretty close to "jaune" (yellow).

In the comments, ck asked me where I bought my new jelly shoes. I bought them at Winners - a discount store in Canada. It was the very last pair and I was lucky that it was my size.

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sprite said...

I haven't bought my yarn yet for the TdFKAL, so you aren't the only one still milling around the start area.