Friday, July 6, 2007

Tour de France: DNF

(DNF - Did Not Finish)

Notice anything wrong with my knitting pannier? Maybe the yarn is missing? It's getting late and the yarn has not arrived. I am ready - my equipment is packed, my support team has their orders, my bike is ready to go, and I don't have shoe laces? (Actually, hubby's cycling shoes don't have laces or velcro. His shoes have a cord that runs into a plastic knob. As you twist the knob, the cord gets wound up and the shoe closes. If you push the button in the middle of the knob, the ratchet mechanism is disengaged and the shoe comes undone. Weird, eh? What do you expect for $400? Yes, hubby spends more on shoes than I do.)

Canada Post does not deliver on Saturdays. This delay confirms that I will get a DNF. It was already tough going because of a camping trip but now my yarn is late. So much for getting a good start to the race. Sigh...

Yesterday was hot so there wasn't much knitting. No knitting today either. I'm too scatterbrained to sit down and knit.

"Can you stop moving around? You're making me tired" - Phoebe

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PurlingPirate said...

I know you must be very disappointed! I'm so sorry!!