Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Catching up

I won a contest over at Lilith Parker's blog, and she made me some seriously gorgeous stitch markers. I told her that I'm an SF/F nerd, and she made a set which is SF-themed. One has the Babylon 5 logo on it, another has the Dr. Who Tardis, another has the Ring from Lord of the Rings, and so on (click on the photo to make bigger and see details). I'm so in love with these, and I'm hiding them well because I don't want the kids to get hold of them and lose them for me.

This baby hat and socks are for Don & Ange's new baby boy (Don used to work with Dotty; it's a small world around here). I hope they'll come in handy in a Calgary fall and winter. The socks are the Better than Booties baby socks available for free via the Interweave website. This was in Regia Bamboo -- I need more of this yarn. (Hey Dotty, want to do another order from Astrid's?). It's so soft and silky-feeling.

And this pair is a gift for my cousin's wife. They're Australians who have just moved to Ontario, and I don't think she's going to be prepared enough when winter comes. Hopefully these will keep her toes warm enough some of the time. Yarn is Jojoland Quartette, a merino/cashmere blend. Pattern is garter rib from Sensational Knitted Socks. I made them a little larger because the yarn does felt and shrink, which is probably a plus where they're going.

This pair is in the Wyvern sock pattern, by Marnie MacLean. Yarn is Trekking bamboo, which I found rather stiff and hard on my hands. The sock itself is great, and I suspect will wear really well. I wasn't sure about the ribbing on the bottom of the foot, but when the sock is on, I can't feel the ribbing.

And this pair of little angels (false advertising, I assure you) went strawberry picking and had a great time. I don't know if you can see Geoff's chin, but I can tell you that it was totally pink with strawberry juice. It's a good thing this strawberry place likes kids, and doesn't weigh them before and after the picking!


Dotty said...

Wow! You've gotten a lot done since your last post.

I omitted the ribbing on the bottom of the foot on my Wyverns. It just seemed like too much work for the bottom of the foot.

Your post reminds me that I need to get the baby quilt in the mail to Don & Ang. Not that they need it since it's so warm over there.

And congrats on winning the stitch markers. They look great. I am extremely jealous of the Tardis one. The next season of Dr. Who just started airing on CBC so I've been watching that.

Another order from Astrid? Are you crazy? Didn't you see yesterday's post?

allergicmom said...

Oh, but Dotty, Astrid's has Regia Galaxy, and the yarn makes little planets and circles! (I'm such a sucker for SF-patterned yarn.)

Also, her Regia Country 6-ply is on sale, and it would make seriously gorgeous baby surprise sweaters for the boys for this winter.

And of course, I'm now completely out of the Regia bamboo, and it's seriously yummy yarn to work with, especially in the summer heat.

I'm faltering ... help!