Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm hurting

I spent my whole Sunday in the garden. First, we chopped (literally) at 2 stumps to make them small enough for the yard waste/garbage guys to pick up. Then we tried to dig out a small walnut tree (there's a crazy squirrel that buries his nuts in the ground and every so often, I'll yank out a 'weed' and there's a walnut or hazelnut/filbert shell hanging off the root ball) growing in the middle of a big juniper patch. My hand hurts from using the bow saw. It hurts so much that I can't knit. In the evening, we applied the rest of the nematodes to the lawn. I can't believe how much lawn we have. I knew it was big but I never really paid much attention until we had to measure it into 100 sq. ft. chunks.

So I spent the day not knitting. I watched a lot of Enterprise on DVD. I didn't get to see the series when it was running on TV (we don't get that channel with rabbit ears) so now we're renting season 1. Scott Bakula looks hot in bright blue underwear. Huzzah! Hubby is watching with me and he's not impressed when I start drooling.

I also took pictures of all my sock yarn and updated my stash on Ravelry. That took most of the afternoon. It's good to get it all documented and now I can see exactly what I've got. But it also makes me want to knit it all at once. Sigh...

I spent my evening working on Geoff's quilt. All the blocks are sewn together now. It looks awesome! I'll take some daylight pictures tomorrow. All that's left is to cut the borders and sew them on.

"Can you keep it down out there? I'm trying to sleep." - Ricky

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