Friday, July 20, 2007

vacation souvenirs

You can't go on vacation without buying a few souvenirs. I bought a lot of souvenirs.

After 5 days at the beach, the city girl in me demanded a shopping trip into town. There are a string of antique stores on the highway into Salmon Arm and we stopped at a few. I bought a steel cable circular - British size 10 (3.25mm). I've never seen one of these before. Does anyone know how old it is? One tip is stamped "10 Made in England". The other tip has a patent number. The join is incredibly smooth and the cable looks like a coiled spring. I also picked up an old issue of Vogue Knitting and a sock booklet at a used book store.

My next stop was a quilt store called The Sewing Basket. I bought some fabric, a quilting template, and a Buggy Barn pattern. I love Buggy Barn. Their patterns are easy and so much fun.

I heard that there was a yarn store in Salmon Arm but I couldn't find a current address for it. I asked at the Sewing Basket and they told me that the yarn store only opens during the winter months. Humph.

I picked up a few books at the used book store and then we headed back to the campground.

On our drive back home, I wanted to stop at a quilt store called Di-Versity Quilt Shop in Pritchard. What a surprise! It's in the basement of a house but it's incredibly well stocked with all sorts of neat stuff. Every bit of wall space was covered with samples. The pattern and book selection was very unique. It was very hard to walk out of there without spending a ton of money. In the end, I got some black and white fabric, some Misty Fuse (a new lightweight fusible), and a Quilt Poetry "Phoenix" pattern. I love that Phoenix pattern so much that I've already bought most of the fabric to make it.

After we turned off the highway at Pritchard, a young black bear darted across the road. Hubby stopped the car so I could get a picture but the bear disappeared into the trees and we couldn't spot him anymore. It was my first black bear sighting!

I was in yarn withdrawal so I conned hubby into stopping at a yarn store. I originally wanted to visit Aunt Debbie's Knit and Stitch but we already passed the freeway exit before I figured out where we needed to turn off. Luckily, its sister store, Woolaroo Yarns was still in front of us. So we stopped there instead. I only bought 2 skeins of Cascade Fixation. They're having a big sale next week so I didn't want to buy too much. A few doors down from Woolaroo is a quilt store - Countryfolk and they were having a big sale. I bought some kitty cat fabric.

And that concludes the souvenir tour of 2007. I'm off to bed. I am pooped. It was my brother-in-law's 40th birthday party today and we went over early to help set up. I'm home now but hubby's still at the party playing poker. I left just after watching my father-in-law win a $100+ pot. All 3 players had 2 pairs but my father-in-law had the highest one so he won. Everyone was completely shocked. I hope he kicks butt.

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