Thursday, July 5, 2007

too hot to knit

Man - it's hot outside. The thermometer says 27C in the shade (90F for those who are metric-challenged). It is too hot to knit with wool. So I hauled out some kitchen cotton and started a hand towel.

I love robin's egg blue. I lived for weeks in this house without a working dishwasher, no kitchen sink (dishes were done in the laundry room sink), and no kitchen counter while I waited for my decorator to find the very last piece of discontinued robin's egg laminate. She had sent over some other samples for me to look at but I was determined to have the robin's egg. I am very glad that I held out because I love my counter top.

I'm taking the hand towel knitting when I go camping. I'm leaving my TDF KAL socks at home (the yarn didn't arrive today so I hope it's here tomorrow). I may take another small project with me just for some variety.

I can see by the lack of comments about my new watering can that no one's as excited as I am. Or maybe everyone's on summer vacation and/or recovering from 4th of July celebrations. I'm very much in love. I used it this morning to water my baskets and planters. It takes a long time to fill from my rain barrel because it's so big but then I don't have to make as many trips.

I got email today that my big Kaffe Fassett sock yarn order has been shipped! I hope it arrives before we go camping. I am so excited!

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