Monday, July 9, 2007

a quilty FO

I finally finished my youngest niece's quilt.

Here are the specs -
Size: 90" x 80"
Pattern: my own; inspired by the Serenity Quilt made by Theresa

It is machine pieced and I machine quilted it. The flannel backing has little chinese girls wearing traditional clothing. It is the same flannel backing that I used for her older sister's quilt. I really love that flannel and wish I had more. At the time, I bought the entire bolt (we're talking 18m) and I've used it all up on my nieces' quilts. I ran out of fabric for the top and had to improvise for a couple of the blocks. I also had to use other fabric for the pillow cases so they don't exactly match the quilt top. Oh well...

I hope my niece likes it. I'll be giving it to her this week.


allergicmom said...

That's gorgeous work, Dotty! Your quilts are all so beautiful!

The quilt you made for Andrew is still living in his closet because I don't trust him with it. I'll give it to him in a year or two, when he's more likely to appreciate it.

I'm sure that he'll be taking it to college with him, or whenever he moves out. said...

Ooh, it's simply gorgeous!

The Imperfect Knitter said...

Your niece is one lucky young lady , the quilt is absolutely gorgeous and what a lovely idea to personalise it with a message . Our Koi quilt that you made is much admired , somebody asked me if I had made it , I showed her the hem of my skirt which was held up with a safety pin and told her " No , the quilt was made by an expert " . Bless your nimble fingers.