Monday, July 23, 2007

uh oh

That's what my niece says when something happens that shouldn't happen. I said it a coupla times this weekend.

I broke the laptop. Yep, I opened the lid and CRAAAAAAAACK! The metal screen over the right speaker popped up and the lid has only one "open" position. If it's not in that position, it flops backwards or slams shut. Oops! It's currently at my local "authorized Toshiba repair centre". If it's too expensive to repair then we'll buy a new laptop. Sigh...

After I got home from the birthday party on Sat night, I turned on the night light in the kitchen so hubby wouldn't trip over a cat when he came home. I accidentally bumped my favourite Christmas ornament and it broke into 3 pieces when it hit the floor. *sniff* *sniff*

I also lost (and found) my sample knitting for Indigo Moon. I completely misplaced the whole project bag and I couldn't find it even with hubby's help. It was eventually located and the sample is now finished.

And uh oh - I got into Ravelry! Ya know that's gonna suck up a lot of time that would normally be spent knitting.

TDF update

It was a big TDF week. Locally, it's BC Superweek - a series of cycling events that coincide with the "big" Tour. There are 4 major events - Tour de Gastown (road race over cobblestones and it was rainy too), Tour de White Rock, Giro di Burnaby (hubby watched that), and the Tour de Delta (we missed it because of the birthday party).

And on the knitting front, I actually got something done.

I'm just a few inches from turning the heel. It has been rainy and miserable (I think we broke a precipitation record on Sunday) and we stayed inside all day yesterday watching movies - The Curse of the Were Rabbit and Superman Returns.

In the evening, I started cutting fabric for Geoff's quilt. I didn't get very far because there was another uh oh moment. I had started buying fabric for this project before I sat down and did the math. Of course, the first fabric (and one of the best ones) is short 4 squares. I do not have enough bits from that fabric to piece together 4 squares and the quilt store doesn't have it anymore. Hmmm... what to do.

The fabric requirements and cutting instructions have been mailed out for the 3rd Poirow Mystery Quilt. I have some fabric in the stash that might work. Or maybe I should buy new stuff. Too bad that I just missed out on a big fabric sale.

The fall IK preview is up. I love the Tangled Yoke cardigan, Dickinson Pullover, Leavened Raglan, and all the socks! Must knit faster!

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allergicmom said...

Things I managed to break this weekend: 1 VCR (Tony managed to fix it somehow), and 1 vacuum cleaner (Tony plugged it into a different plug, and that fixed it). Nothing like a laptop. :-(

What's your ravelry id? Mine's wenat.