Tuesday, July 31, 2007

joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea

Hubby was kind enough to hold up Geoff's quilt top so that I could get a decent picture. It's only got one border on. I still have to cut and sew on the outer border. Then the top's done. I love the way it looks. It's the first time I've used this pattern and I think I'll use it again. Maybe with Japanese or cat fabrics. Hmmm...

Phoebe was just doing her fierce hunter bit. She was thwacking at something by the french doors and she was going to knock over a plant stand. I went over there and she was trying to catch/eat a yellow jacket wasp. Ewwwww! So I got out the wasp catcher, shoo'd her away, and got the wasp. Then I made hubby get rid of it.

Phoebe loves catching bugs. Her favourite is spiders. She doesn't eat them - just licks them until they stop moving. Sometimes this means the poor spider gets a leg (or 6) ripped off. While we were on vacation, my Mom said that Phoebe chased a moth into the laundry room. The moth went behind the washing machine and so did Phoebe. However, there's no way for Phoebe to get out. Mom said Phoebe cried and cried until Mom moved enough stuff for her to crawl out.

No knitting accomplished today. I took a sock to work but I left the 4th dpn at home and if the laws of physics are still the same, I can't knit in the round with just 3 dpns.

Speaking of work, the new cash register hates me. I rang up a sale and it came to $48.81. The customer wanted to use her entire $50 gift certificate. She selected a stitch ripper, I added $1.25 to her bill, put in the $50 gc, and hit subtotal. The register said that I owed her $6.57. Huh? I swear the thing is cursed.

A man wandered into the quilt store today and was looking at the notions. We don't get a lot of men in the store (unless they're preceeded by a wife/mother/girlfriend) so I was paying close attention in case he needed help. By the time I got over there, he was headed towards the register. He bought an Olfa rotary cutter and he was holding a Fiskars rotary blade that he'd brought in with him. It's a little unusual to see someone buying a cutter for a blade that they already have. The cutters don't break easily and since they're big, they're hard to lose. So I was really curious... I asked him why he needed a cutter for his blade. It turns out that his wife is a quilter and he made the mistake of showing her his rotary cutter. She borrowed it for her quilting and is currently out of town. The poor man couldn't find his cutter so he bought himself a new one. That story made me forget that the cash register hates me.


PurlingPirate said...

Oooh, that quilt is looking so nice!!! Great job!

Meg said...

That story about the man in the quilt shop is priceless! My hubby and I do sneak some implements from one another's hobby supplies - he takes my measuring tapes and I take his mechanical pencils.
The quilt is just stunning!

The Imperfect Knitter said...

The quilt is just beautiful. I have lost your e-mail address along with everything else on this stupid computer. I would love to get in touch , but when I type in what I remember as your address it comes back with 'host unknown'

knitnzu said...

What a very pretty quilt! My friend's MIL also hates spiders, warns the grandkids not to sit outside in shorts.... but then she lost her leg to what the docs believe is a brown recluse bite (in Maine!-the state entomologist refuses to believe this story because we don't have breeding pops-humbug says I, surely they're in somebody's basement and we just don't know).

allergicmom said...

I love the quilt, and Geoff will too! Markus' fingers are cute too!