Tuesday, February 20, 2007

all about the cats

Usually, I wake up to the sound of Ricky meowing at the top of his lungs - "Feed me now! Feed meow!". This morning, I awoke to the sound of Phoebe having a hairball in our bedroom. Blech. It was the fastest I've ever woken up or gotten out of bed.

The hairball must've upset her stomach because she didn't eat all her breakfast and she loves tuna for breakfast. Poor baby. Phoebe didn't get much sympathy from me because I had to go to work - for fabric.

I bought a ton of this absolutely gorgeous robin's egg blue (there might have been some fighting over this fabric on Sunday) and a co-ordinating fabric. I also bought some of this special Japanese fabric (again, there might have been some tension about how much each of us was allowed to buy). Isn't the daisy motif so delicate?

I worked on the test knit project when I got home. All of a sudden, I hear a crash (that would be the curtain & curtain rod in the laundry room coming down on top of Ricky), a bang (that's Ricky throwing himself off the window ledge/washing machine and falling to the floor), and a slam (in his haste to get outta there, Ricky manages to slam the door shut thus locking himself in the laundry room with the attack-curtain). Phoebe and I wander over there and when I opened the door, there was a stack of towels on the floor. I opened the door wider and there is Ricky slinking on his belly with the biggest poufy tail I've ever seen. He is clearly freaked out by what just happened (actually, he's like that whenever there's a loud unexplained noise - like hubby falling in the bathtub). When I got the door open wide enough, he slunk right outta there. I put the curtain back up, picked up the towels, and refolded them. When I was done, Ricky was back. He jumped on the washing machine, poked his head under the curtain, and hopped on the window ledge like nothing had happened. Yeesh - cats!

So have you heard the news? Skacel - makers of Addi Turbos - will be making pointy lace needles! Here's a review. They're being sold as lace needles but I'll probably buy one for sock knitting. And my lys has ordered them so hopefully, I'll get my hands on them soon. I can't wait.

I should get back to my knitting. There's good TV watching tonite so I should get a lot accomplished.

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