Sunday, February 25, 2007

oh yeah

Mmmmm... Fibrefest! I've had the date marked on my calendar since last Fibrefest. I notice that it's a few weeks later than usual.

Yes, it's definitely worth the drive. There's lots of good stuff. Last year's haul included some Cascade 220, Iona silk & wool laceweight from the Singing Weaver, a bag of red yarn from Sun Bench Fibres, and sock yarn from Birkeland Bros. I'm sure I got other stuff, too. This year, I'm saving up to buy myself some bamboo.

I went with my Mom and we had lots of fun. We spent the whole day there - watching the fashion show (doesn't look like there's one scheduled this year), petting the alpaca and llama samples. My Mom really liked watching the alpaca shearing demonstration.

The show stays open late on Fri - could you go after work? Or maybe first thing Sat morning? Tell Tony it's only once a year and there's nothing else like it locally. One of the exhibitor's last year was selling Rogue and Eris kits. Is that tempting enough?

No knitting today. I spent the day working on my Night Weave quilt. I got lots of fabric cut and some of it sewn together. I really really really hate pressing seams open. It just sloooows me right down. But at least I'm making progress.

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