Sunday, February 4, 2007

I got nothin'

I've been knitting the Tofutsies store sample all weekend. I'm almost ready to start the cuff. But I've run out of Grey's Anatomy to watch... Maybe I'll haul out the Avengers and re-watch that. Sorry but I don't have any pictures of the sock yet. We're supposed to get a break from the rain so maybe there'll be enough light to take decent pictures tomorrow.

I was out shopping today. I picked up some Eco-fil yarn from W*lm*rt. It's supposed to be made of recycled cotton. I am planning on making soap sox as Christmas gifts for this year (I wanted to make them for last Christmas but I ran out of time and only managed to knit 1). I noticed that the new Bernat Cotton colours are available.

I also stopped at the dollar store to buy myself a case for my new cell phone. They had a huge bin of Moda Dea yarns (like Dream, Tutu, Cache, Lazy Daisy) for only $2 per ball. I was sorely tempted by the Dream (I made a scarf for a friend who absolutely loves it) but I still have a bunch of Eden leftover from my Knitting Olympics cardigan. I need to stay away from the novelty stuff. No more yarn for me unless it's something really special.

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