Friday, February 16, 2007

You are evil

Dear Yarn Enabler (aka co-blogger),

You are pure evil. What are you trying to do to my wallet/credit cards? Don't I already owe you money for a KP order? You're going to force me to get a job so that I can afford to keep up with your yarn shopping habit. I already work for fabric and yarn and now I have to work for money. Yeesh.

Lack of funds didn't stop me from checking out the website, tho.

That Sea Wool looks very intriguing. What colour are you thinking of?

I see this place sells CTH potluck... Hmmm... I can't seem to find CTH anywhere else in Canada. And they've got some very pretty colours.

And they have Schaefer Anne... That I can resist since I already have some in my stash.

The Wensleydale looks tempting. It's Wallace's favourite cheese. And his dog, Gromit knits so I might have to get some of that yarn. Too bad there aren't many colours to choose from.

And don't order anything until after Sunday. I assume you'll be at Megan's party. I'll be dropping off her bday present and if I see you, I'll give you your present, too.

I'll post formal bday wishes on the actual day. In the meantime, Happy Shopping!


PS. Test knitting is going well. I found a bunch of errors in the pattern but I was able to correct them and keep knitting.

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