Friday, February 9, 2007

sock woes

Notice anything weird with this sock? Look right at the middle of the foot. What happened? It's as if a totally different yarn was inserted. I don't get it. You may also notice that it doesn't look anything like it's mate - it's really pooling. When I drop off the second sock, I may never be asked to knit another store sample ever again. Only a completely inept knitter could end up with totally different looking socks from the same skein.

I spent every spare moment working on the sock today because I won't get much knitting done this weekend. Tomorrow, I'm participating in a mystery quilt. It starts at 9am and it's supposed to go til 5pm. I'll be pooped by the end of the day.

And on Sunday, I've got a quilt class. I'll be learning how to make the Night Weave quilt. I've picked 2 bright batiks for the 'ribbons' and I'm using black for the background. I haven't done the pre-cutting yet. Can you guess what I'll be doing Sunday morning?

1 comment:

allergicmom said...

That quilt is super cool!

Hmm ... I wonder how it would look knitted up, as cables?