Wednesday, February 14, 2007

bits and bobs

Nothing cohesive today. My brain's still in a bit of a blur from last weekend.

1. I delivered the second sample sock to 3bf. The Tofutsies are selling very quickly.

2. I have been commissioned to test-knit a new Sivia Harding (the Sivia!) pattern. Until the pattern's published, I won't be able to show pictures. I can probably tell you what yarn I'm using - Indigo Moon's 2 ply merino wool.

3. Felicia's taking time off from work-work and dyeing yarn. She'll be gone 6-12 months! Double EEP! I only have 4 skeins of her sock yarn - certainly not enough to last me 6 months much less a year. There's only a few skeins left at 3bf but they're expecting more soon. I hope I'm one of the lucky ones to get my hands on some.

4. Felicia's also de-stashing. So keep your eyes glued to her blog. Oh and leave some for me.

5. I started my last boring ho-hum stockinette sock - it's the mate for my very first Tofutsies. I got a lot done while watching MI3 yesterday night. I hope to finish it soon so that I can start the test knitting.

6. I worked on my Night Weave quilt a little. I cranked out 8 more blocks. And I was lucky enough not to make any mistakes this time. Did I tell you that all the seams need to be pressed open? I Hate Pressing Seams Open.

I think that's it... I need to make some choux pastry for a luncheon tomorrow. Plus I need to get my Valentine butt in gear. I promised DH a gourmet supper - crab stuffed portobello mushrooms, bacon-wrapped scallops, pasta in white wine sauce, and a chocolate fondue with strawberries for dessert. Hey - I think I just gained 5lbs typing that out.

Happy Valentine's!

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