Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The big Four-Oh

The best birthdays are when you've got a hobby that comes with a lot of pretty consumables.

Thank you, Dotty, for the gorgeous project bag and the Tofutsies yarn! (For those of you who don't know us, we actually aren't sisters, though we sure look alike.)

Sarah gave me some hot pink and red fun fur, with some money hidden inside to support my yarn habit. Speaking of yarn habit, Tony's folks gave me a lovely gift certificate to Wool and Wicker, in Richmond. I love this store's selection, but they're so pricey that I don't dare go there too often. Now I can go and indulge. And Grace and Eric gave me a pair of Knit-Lites, for knitting in the dark.

You gotta admit: knitting is as good as golf when it comes to finding gadgets and books to feed the hobby.

And two packages arrived for me this week. The first was my prize from Shadkitty Knitty's contest: a ball of Bunny Hop yarn.

The second was a Knitpicks order (your yarn is in there too, Dotty!). I needed a couple of pairs of 0 and 1 sized 24" circs, plus Sensational Knitted Socks and One Skein Wonders.

And now, to do my RedBirdKnits order ... woohoo! But then I think I'm on a yarn diet for a loooong time!

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Dotty said...

Nope - I think quilting gadgets trumps knitting/golf gadgets any day. I am going to Home Depot tomorrow to buy a quilting gadget. I'm buying a laser level thingy. I need a straight reference line so that when I lay out my quilt tops for basting, the rows don't get bent out of shape as I smooth the top out. It'll also be useful for showing me where to trim the borders of my quilt so that I have square corners.

Another favourite gadget of mine is a carpenter's calculator from Lee Valley. Quilt measurements are always in yards/inches. The calculator lets me do things in inches, fractions of an inch and at the touch of a button, converts everything to metric because that's how fabric is sold. Neato, eh?

I love my toys.