Friday, February 16, 2007

Birthday shopping

Hi Dotty,

It's my birthday next week, and it's the big one, so I'm treating myself to a bit of a yarn shopping binge.

That's when I found Red Bird Knits, which is a Canadian online yarn store. Even better: on your birthday, they give you 10% off and free shipping!

And to put the cherry on top, they've got the new Handmaiden SeaWool. The price is a bit of an ouch, at $27, but it is my birthday, and 10% off makes it $25.

But of course, a few other things have fallen into my cart accidentally. The store also carries Tiny Toes Interlacements (recently raved-about on Lime & Violet). And it has tons of other beautiful sock and lace yarn.

It's a few more days to my birthday, so I'll probably keep adding and deleting from my cart for a while. Let me know if you'd like anything!

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Nancy G. said...

Hi - this message is to allergic mom. I just discovered your comment to my post on the SAM3 blog, regarding my Binsenk├Ârbchen socks from the German Yahoo group Socken-Kreativ-Liste. You can get the pattern by joining their Yahoo group. You don't have to read German, but familiarity with English Yahoo groups will help you navigate the sign-up process. I suggest you also try using Google translator to help get through it. Anyway, once you join, it will take a day or 2 to be approved and then you can go into their files (Dateien) where the patterns are located. They provide English translations, so once you find that, you will be set. The group is very chatty, so I don't try to read their messages unless I happen to spot something in English. The pattern I made was their January pattern, and a new one is due out March 1. They come every other month. Now, go join up and you can also knit these wonderful, addictive socks!
Nancy G.