Friday, February 23, 2007

stick a fork in me

I'm done with my test knitting!!! It looks so pretty but I still don't have permission to blog about it so you'll just have to wait for pictures. I am pretty pleased with the whole thing. There are a few boo boos that are entirely my fault (sometimes, I just can't count to 3). I also learned a few new things. Overall, I had fun.

So back to our regularly scheduled knitting... What to work on next? Here are a few UFO's off the top of my head:
- second tofutsies sock
- second wyvern sock
- Arwen
- second Malabrigo neck thingy
- Night Weave quilt top
- mystery quilt (top is done, just needs basting, quilting & finishing)

I might do some quilting to give my hands a break from all that knitting.

And on Wed, I got my copy of the IK spring issue in the mail so I've been ooooing and ahhhhing over the things that I want to make. Luckily, the magazine didn't arrive earlier. Otherwise, it would've taken all my will power to finish the test knitting before I started anything else.

I have also been dreaming about my sock year resolution. I grabbed some post-it notes and on each post-it, I wrote down a sock yarn that's in the stash. I went through all the KOTR sock patterns that I want to knit and put a single post-it note on each pattern. I used up all the post-it notes with a few to spare. That means, I have enough sock yarn to knit the socks I want to knit without buying any more. This is kinda shocking.

And in case you're curious, here's my plan:
Canal Du Midi - vintage sock yarn that I dyed green with Kool-Aid
Conwy - Cherry Tree Hill in Moody Blues
Dalarna - SweetGeorgia in Blue Steel
Denmark - Indigo Moon in sage
Friday Harbor - Indigo Moon in purple
New England - Regia in white
Spey Valley - KPPPM in dark purple
Traveler's Stockings - SweetGeorgia in Cassis
Unst - KPPPM in dark purple
Whitby - Indigo Moon in gold

My yarn choices may change depending on whether or not I can get my hands on some more SweetGeorgia yarn. I would also like to try Lorna's Laces but I'm not going to buy any until I know for sure that there's no hope of getting any more SweetGeorgia yarn. For some of these socks, I will probably switch from the flap heel/gusset to a short row heel. It depends on the diameter of the leg. I was thinking about converting the patterns so that they're toe-up but that's just too much work.

The cats have been behaving - no more hairballs or house wrecking. They've been keeping hubby company. Hubby has the sniffoos and was home sick on Wed. When I went to check on him, he was propped up in bed watching a movie. He had a quilt tucked under his chin. Ricky was under the quilt and snoozing between hubby's knees. Phoebe was lying on a thigh. They looked so cute together. Awwwwww!

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