Friday, January 19, 2007

Addicted to Arwen

Great socks, G! I can't wait to see them in person tomorrow. I admire your stamina/willingness to knit knee socks. Would knitting sox for Markus' size 13 feet be comparable?

I'm working on Arwen all the time except for a small break to knit plain stockinette sox yesterday night. Thursdays are good TV nights - Grey's Anatomy and CSI - two shows that can't be watched while knitting cables. I have finally started the sleeve. The left front hit the frog pond because the cast on row for the cable panel just looked wrong and stayed looking wrong for the 11" that I continued knitting. Oh well... I only lost one day of knitting.

I don't expect much progress on Arwen this weekend. It's a pretty busy weekend for social engagements. But I'll take some knitting with me in case there's time for a few rows while everyone else plays Munchkin.

I didn't take any cat pictures today so here's one from December. I had just seamed up the Sienna Cardigan for Anna and laid it out for a few portraits. Out of nowhere, Ricky jumps up on the bed and plops himself on it. What can I say? He likes handknits.

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