Monday, January 29, 2007

I won a blog contest!

I entered a blog contest over at ShadKitty Knitty's blog, and I won! The prize is a skein of Bunny Hop yarn. I think I'll turn it into mittens for Andrew, or a Fetching for me. Ooh, soft and pretty yarn is coming my way.

I think you should try to finish Arwen before the end of winter -- which is only a few more weeks away around here! It sure felt like spring was on its way on my commute home this afternoon, warm and sunny on the SkyTrain. Though I do like the Tofutsies. I can see why you wanted to work on those. How do they feel on your foot?

PS. Just a photo of the purple Araucania ... (Tony's off to buy himself a new road bike for that trip with Markus; I think I'm allowed to drool over some discount yarn!)

1 comment:

Dotty said...

Congrats on the contest win. You must show it to me the next time I see you. My sock yarn prize should be arriving any day now...

And STOP posting pictures of purple yarn - especially yarn that I can buy on sale. You are mean!