Monday, January 29, 2007

all about sox

Ok, I'm not looking... I really don't need more yarn (even if it's purple - stop tempting me). Seriously, between the knitting and the quilting, there's barely enough room for anything else in this house. If I add to my stashes, I will need to start throwing my clothes out.

You don't need a light box to take good pictures. I use a white sheet and a room that has good light. If it's a sunless day, I use a lamp with a full spectrum light bulb and turn the camera flash off.

Do you know what? Purple is the one KoolAid colour I don't have. There was a time when grape KoolAid was purple but the last time I used it, the yarn turned black. I was able to save the yarn by rinsing it out immediately but I haven't tried grape/purple since then.

So here's a picture of the Tofutsies sock.

I haven't cast on the second one yet. Instead, I've been working on the Wyvern sock. I started this sock ages ago and lost interest when I couldn't get the thing over my heel. I finally bit the bullet and figured out a solution. I increased 8 sts right after the heel turn and now it fits. I am a little worried that it'll be baggy around the ankle but I don't want to decrease and then increase again further up the leg. I don't think I'll make these socks very long. For some reason, this lace pattern is kicking my ass. I am constantly ripping back to fix a boo boo. I'm usually ok with lace but I'm not having much luck with it this time.

I really should get back to my Arwen. It is not seeing much knitting time. I don't even remember when I last worked on it. Sigh... There's just not enough hours in a day.

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