Friday, January 26, 2007

thrift store junkie

I love going to thrift stores. I collect vintage linen tablecloths and napkins. I love looking for quilting/knitting books and magazines. Today, I went to my local Value Village to drop off some things so I wandered around afterwards. I bought a book - "Cotton Projects: Pillows, Placemats, Comforters and Wonderful Applique Gifts" by Kumiko Kobayashi. It's got wonderful little bags and cute little things to make that are often found in Japanese craft books.

I also bought 4 balls of vintage sock yarn - the label says "Schaffhauser Wolle Perfina" and it's made in Switzerland. It's a hideous yellow colour but through the magic of Blue Moon Berry Kool-Aid, it's now a lovely green. I'll take pictures tomorrow when it's all dry and there's natural light.

G - I like the second dragon scarf over the first one. The second one has a nicer head/face. I don't think you should wait to make the scarf. I'll bet that if you make it for him, he won't drag it on the ground. And thanks for the Dressew hint. I've been thinking about going down there...

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