Monday, January 22, 2007

Techies who knit — or is that knitters who tech?

Hey Dotty, check out Fleegle's blog for knitting software reviews and tips for charting using software you already have, like Excel.

And what can I say about that Dragone Shawl that she's working on? Wow, it's amazing. And I think you actually have to knit in two layers, one on top of the lace.

I think I'll stick with something easy like a Dragon Scarf. I'm hoping to do this project for Andrew next year, or maybe the year after, when he'll actually be able to wear a scarf without dragging it through puddles.

Just daydreaming of future projects while trundling along on my Regia silk socks. One sock almost completed — just an inch or two more, then kitchener the toes. Then start the next sock before I forget the mods I did to the pattern. Photos to come in a few days when I finish the pair.

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