Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wheat socks

Also almost finished: a pair of birthday socks for one of my coworkers. I gave her a couple of choices of pattern and yarn, and she really loved the silk yarn, and the wheat pattern. (She was born on a prairie farmstead.)

Pattern: Kansas Harvest Socks, by Jeanie Townsend, available from the Townsend Socks yahoogroup.
Yarn: Regia Silk, which is so soft and yummy.
Mods: I added three extra sheaves of wheat down the front for a couple of repeats. I'm also doing this on smaller needles (Carol has very slender feet and ankles) so I picked up a few more rows on the heel flap than in the pattern.

Gotta love the Knitpicks needles. They're so pointy and easy to work with. This pair went so smoothly, especially when compared with Tony's socks.

Next up: two pairs for me! I had wanted to alternate a pair for someone else, then a pair for me this year, and so far all 4 pairs of finished socks have been for other people!

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