Tuesday, January 23, 2007

IK Spring 2007 preview

The preview's up and there are some lovely things. I like the Indigo Ripples Skirt by Kat Coyle, Clementine Shawlette by Michele Rose Orne, and Roza's socks by Grumperina (there's a better picture on her blog). There might be some other things that I like but it's hard to tell from the small pictures. Hubby gave me an IK subscription for Christmas so I'll be getting this issue in the mail. I can't wait.

G - you might want to borrow the magazine. There's a pattern for Entrelac Socks by Eunny Jang. I know how much you like entrelac.

Thanks for the Excel/knitting chart link. I never thought of using Excel that way. I don't have enough knitting mojo to design my own stuff. I'll stick to designing my own quilts.

No time for knitting today. I had to work and our chimney is leaking water again (we spent over $3000 last year to stop the leaks). And I just caught Ricky walking out of the fireplace and his paws are all covered in wet black yuck. I just wiped him down - something that he doesn't like. Serves him right for going somewhere he shouldn't go.

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