Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sad sock story

Well, what do you think this is?

Another hint.

Yup, it's the beginning of a ripped sock. I'd finished the sock, and then Tony decided that the foot was too long. So I figured that I'd just rip back from the toe for a couple of inches, then work it back down again. And then I figured that if I only went back a couple more inches, then I'd hit the spot where the yarn had broken, and I could just re-join the new yarn there. Plus I hit a bunch of tangles while trying to rip the sock, so kept taking out one and a half rows at a time in some places.

I'm going to be glad when this pair of socks is done. Started sock #2 twice yesterday, and ripped it out both times. I was trying a new version of making a stitch, and I kept picking up the wrong stitch.

And then this morning, I hit some horrible traffic on the way to the SkyTrain, and spent almost two hours in traffic. So by the time I got to work, I'd almost hit the heel on the second sock. I'll probably turn the heel tomorrow, and then this pair will be hopefully be done and on Tony's feet by the weekend.

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