Sunday, January 21, 2007

A good weekend

I was so tired yesterday night. I brought knitting to the dinner but I didn't knit a stitch. When I got home, I rolled into bed, and was asleep before hubby finished brushing his teeth.

I went out shopping at Thread Bear earlier that day - a very nice quilt store. They were having a big sale on a lot of stuff that I needed for a class that I'm taking at Quilters' Haven. I also picked up some perfect sky fabric, a FQ of vintage bicycles (to be a hankie for my hubby), and a FQ of Japanese flip flops. After shopping, we stopped at the tea shop (on the floor below) for some lunch.

Today, I knitted Arwen all day. Well, except for the time I spent food shopping, cooking the food, and eating the food. I made excellent progress. I reached the top of the left shoulder and I'm knitting the back of the left sleeve while the rest of the stitches are on a holder. It's too late (& I'm too tired) to take pictures so I'll post a proper update tomorrow. I feel like I'm making faster progress now that I'm not knitting 169 stitch rows and cabling like mad at each end.

Although, I don't have knitting pictures. I do have a cat picture. This is Phoebe and she loves lying in hubby's lap.

PS. I am ignoring the lure of the Viking books. But I am petting the cashmere sock yarn.

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