Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cool knitting tip

Found a neat knitting tip for making your own row counters -- especially useful if you're doing lace or cables. I particularly like the tip about putting the counter somewhere in the middle of your row so that you don't forget to do something with it. When I've used the normal row counters, they've gone at the end of my needles and I always forget to click them over to the next row.

The coke bottle quilt looks fabulous! I hope your brother in law enjoys it as much as he should!

And my mom told me that she used to knit socks, too. I don't know if she'll take it up again -- she's got too many other things to do, like take care of my kids.

I'm not going to do the dragon scarf anytime soon, because it won't be finished for a month, and then it'll be spring here. I think it'll be a good project for next fall.

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