Monday, March 10, 2008

a boring post

No knitting to show you today. I spent Sat doing chores and I went to bed early because of the !@##% time change. Yesterday, I was in my sewing room working on Geoff's quilt (finally quilting the vertical lines) and my super secret project. The super secret project got a lot of attention because a part of it arrived in the mail on Fri so I was anxious to start it.

Today, I updated Ravelry with all my WIPs (17 eep!) and got caught up on a few discussion groups. I stopped in at Costco to pick up my new glasses, some tp, and Clif bars. I ended up with a whole bunch of other stuff. I shouldn't shop on an empty stomach.

I tried to take pictures of my new glasses on my face but the bathroom mirror/camera combo wasn't co-operating so here's my buddy, Pooh modeling my new glasses.

new glasses

I love these so much better than the ones I bought from the I-will-never-shop-there-again eyeglass place in the mall. My new lenses are nicely polished and they did a good job cutting the groove for the fishing line.

No more news on the washing machine... Hubby had a chat with Gladys' hubby and we're not sure we need the drum replaced. It's not making the same noise so we're going to keep using it and wait and see what happens. If it doesn't get worse, we'll leave it. If it gets worse maybe we'll have someone take a look at it. But it looks like sooner (rather than later), we'll have to replace it. I remember the days when washers lasted 20 years...

Shortly after I noticed the washing machine noise, the laptop's network connection broke. I think the new wireless software is interfering with Windows somehow because I can't get a network connection even if I plug the ethernet cable directly into the back of the computer and assign a static IP. Humph!

There is one piece of good news - Heather, my Longing for Spring Swap spoilee received her package today. And she loves it all :) Yay!


PurlingPirate said...

You and your secret projects!!! I wanna know!!!

Love your new glasses, very chic!

Heather said...

I DO really, really love it! Thanks, Dotty.