Friday, March 7, 2008

short & sweet

Just a short post before a much needed nap...

I picked up Kyndra early this morning and we went out to the Fibrefest International in Abbotsford. Got off at the right highway exit but was in the wrong lane so I had to turn myself around. Then I totally missed the turn for Old Yale Road. Ugh... It's actually called Cardinal at the intersection. We got there fine and in plenty of time to be one of the first ones inside.

Here is my loot:

It's not all for me. One skein is for Gladys. Can you guess which one?

There wasn't any Cascade Fixation at the show so we drove out to Woolaroo which happens to be just a few doors down from Countryfolk Fabrics. I picked up the Fixation that I needed from Woolaroo and some fabric from Countryfolk.

The one in the center is my favourite. I wish they had more because it would've made a great backing fabric. They also had some Arctic Bamboo batting (half bamboo, half cotton with a little bit of poly binder). It feels very nice. I wonder how well it hand quilts. I don't like Arctic Cotton because it's too stiff.

The first Rivendell sock is done (except for darning in the ends). I love this sock so much that all I could think about at the Fibrefest was buying more yarn to knit this pattern. Pathetic, eh?


PurlingPirate said...

Your sock looks great! I am in awe of your awesome skills!

knitseashore said...

Hope you got some sleep! The kitties hate to be disturbed, but have no problem disturbing us!

Heather said...

This is so amazingly beautiful!

KarenK said...

Love those sock blockers! Most sock blockers look as though they're stretching the H out of the socks, but those look adjustable? Where did you find those?

Love the Rivendell, too, found your blog through the picture on Ravelry. I had to frog my Rivendell cuffs - when I tried to put them on, not stretchy enough (sigh) - don't know if I'll tackle them again, didn't like that fiddly wrapping bit at the top, although it looks beautiful.