Monday, March 17, 2008

So close, and yet so far

I cast off the Woodland Shawl tonight, and had a wee problem along the way.

Yup, 9 stitches on the needle, and 2 inches of yarn for casting off. I knew I was going to be close on the yarn, but I didn't think I was actually going to run out.

Fortunately, I had five extra inches of yarn from the cast-on side of the shawl. That got spliced in and now the shawl is blocking. More photos to come tomorrow of the finished object.

And since I was already soaking this to block it, I finally got up the courage to soak the scarf I'd made last fall with Mystical Creations Yarn. (Read the Ravelry thread for the full saga -- it's unbelievable!)

The water ran purple immediately, which was rather scary, so I left it for the 15 minutes that it recommends on the eucalan bottle. When I came back to it, I rinsed it for about five minutes under running water, and it finally ran clear. I even wrapped it up to dry in a white towel, and that towel is still white. Whew!

The colours in the scarf still look okay, but the yarn looks a bit beat up. I’ll see if it gets better when it’s dry.


knitseashore said...

You have had some close calls there. I hope it turns out ok!

Jana said...

eep, that is close. m.c yarn, i read the drama. show me the shawl on sun. too!:)