Saturday, March 22, 2008

Three scarves and a pair of socks

It's been difficult for me to get enough sunlight and time to take adequate photos, so I'm glad for this long weekend. We took the kids to the playground this morning, so they're exhausted and having a nap (Geoff) and quiet time (Andrew) right now, and I'm able to get on the computer and blog.

First up is a pair of spring socks in the Roundabout pattern. They're for my sister-in-law, a belated birthday present. I almost don't want to give them up because they're so pretty and cheerful.

Doesn't everyone know what this is now? A Clapotis, in Noro Lily. The yarn was from a Ravelry destasher, and I loved working with it, and I love wearing it. I'm now stalking the Lily yarn page in search of other destashers!

The Woodland Shawl was what I ended up choosing to make from our stoles pattern submissions to our bloggiversary contest. I'd recommend this pattern to anyone — it's easy to memorize and fun to make. Yarn was elann's alpaca, in mulberry. It's brown in some lights, purple in others, and so soft and luxurious! (Pattern hint: make sure you work from the Woodland Shawl chart -- it makes life a lot easier!)

And finally, the most controversial yarn on Ravelry at the moment. I made this drop stitch scarf last fall to give away last Christmas, but there were some pretty major rumours about the dye job on this yarn, so I couldn't give it away. Anyways, I dunked it at the same time I was blocking the Woodland Shawl last week, and it bled a LOT of dye, but finally ran clear.

Bonus photo for this post: a better shot of the Zombie socks pattern.


PurlingPirate said...

Wow! Those are some pretty fantastic finished objects! Way to go!

Dotty said...

Nice sock blockers ;)

Rebecca said...

Nice projects! I still have not knit Clapotis but would like to.