Monday, March 17, 2008

Zombie clowns!

I'm in Sock Madness again this year, and I've made it to round 2! The pattern was released on Thursday around noon, and I finished this PAIR of socks yesterday at midnight on the dot. (Yeah, I'm not much good at work today.) On the bright side, however, my wrist doesn't hurt nearly as much as I'd expected given how much knitting I did over the last few days.

Tonight's project will be to finish up the Woodland Shawl (only 8 more rows left, but I had to leave it for the last few days) and then hopefully block it overnight tonight so I can wear it tomorrow. And yes, blog it too!

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Dotty said...

Yay, you made it to round 2. Manda's (my Monkey swap pal) also in your division. She had a bit of a setback when her hubby spilled soup on her socks. I hope she finishes in time.