Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bad couple of days

My mom accidentally gave Andrew a Chinese treat which had peanuts in it, and he vomited twice, then looked listless, so she administered his epipen. And then, when we went to the doctor, they found that he's got an ear infection, and prescribed antibiotics. Andrew refused to take them because "they taste like YUCK!"

And when Tony and I dabbed a bit on our tongues, we had to agree -- think bitter and metallic, and then add waves of flavours, all yucky. So we went back and the pharmacist gave us pills instead, which went down in ice cream tonight. Poor kid's having a bad week.

And that's why I didn't blog about the sock madness Mad-tini socks that I finished late on Tuesday night. I really liked the spiral pattern, so I continued it down the top of the foot after the heel. It's a deviation from the pattern, but since I'm out of the running anyways, I'm just knitting this to make myself happy. I did finish two days before the final competitor in this round, which made me oddly happy.

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Dotty said...

Oh no! Poor Andrew! At least, he's ok now. And I bet your Mom feels really bad, too.

Your madtini's look nice. It's too bad you were knocked out in the first round.