Wednesday, March 21, 2007

a hairball kind of a day

I started 2 things yesterday and ripped them both out. First up was a garter toe/heel sock out of some leftover yarn from the test knit. I did not like it so that got frog'd. Then I wound up some lace yarn (the KP Shadow Redwood Forest that I was complaining about) and a pattern. I knitted 16 rows and frog'd that, too. I didn't like the needle size and the pattern for that yarn. I am going down a few needle sizes and I'm going to try a stitch pattern from one of my reference books. If it looks good, I'll post pictures.

Warning: The rest of this post is kinda cranky and there is no knitting content so you might want to skip it.

Bad cat
I woke up at 3:30am - correction, I was woken up at 3:30 this morning. Phoebe (one of our cats) jumped on the bed and lay down on the other side of my husband and started purring - very loudly. Loud enough to wake me. That's really loud considering that I'm a very sound sleeper. I tossed and turned for awhile and then I got up.

So on 4 hours sleep, I'm trying to get through the day. The same annoying cat had a hairball on the floor right behind me while I was standing at the bathroom counter. Of course, I had to throw the bathmat into the washing machine. I also had to chase her down to wipe off her chin and paws (it was a very large hairball).

A little more dyeing...
When I first started Kool Aid dyeing, I made a bunch of mistakes. In this instance, I didn't use enough powder and ended up with a wishy-washy salmon pink. Blech. I attempted to fix that mistake yesterday. First, I used the rest of the dye from the sock yarn dyeing. Then I used straight grape. I let both skeins dry overnight and they look hideous. I think hubby's comment was "you're trying for brown?" Uh no. So I went out to Safeway and bought more cherry hoping to brighten up the yarn a little. Both skeins are cooling right now and we'll see how I like it when they're dry. If they don't work out, I see a Kitty Pi (here's the pattern and here's a gallery of Kitty Pi's) in Phoebe's future.

I made a sock project bag for my co-blogger out of the cute sock fabric that I bought recently. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it to her last weekend. Hey Gladys - can you post a pic when you have a moment? Thx.

And I got a present last week. Some of my quilting friends went to an exhibit featuring a local art quilter - Vivian Zuba. She is an extremely talented quilter and I've had the good fortune of taking 2 classes with her. Afterwards, they browsed through the gift shop and bought some very cute cards. They gave one of them to me because they know I knit. Isn't it cute? I have such nice friends.

And now, I am going to have a long nap. That is, if I can lie down. I just had lunch and I've got really bad heartburn. So bad that I took some Pepto. I better perk up cuz tonite's knit nite.

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