Saturday, March 24, 2007

busy Saturday

I think the lace is working out. Here's what my swatch/scarf looks like now:

I think it's ok. I swatched with 3.5mm needles, switched to 2.75mm, and eventually settled on US 3. I'll keep knitting on it for now.

I wound up my latest dyeing disaster. I don't think I can use it for anything wearable. The colour is too murky.

I've been cutting fabric today. My nieces are promised a queen sized quilt when they move out of their crib. Last year, my youngest niece declared that she was a big girl and wasn't going to sleep in her crib anymore. She wanted to sleep in a big bed like her older sister. My sister bought some fabric last year to get me started. A few weeks ago, I saw a pattern that would work with the fabrics she picked out. I bought a few more pieces to balance things out and today I chopped it all up. The fabric at the top is flannel and it is the backing for the quilt. I love the little Chinese girls wearing traditional Chinese outfits. When I saw this fabric years ago, I bought the entire bolt. Half of it has been used on the back of my oldest niece's quilt. I wish I had more of it.

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Anonymous said...

I happen to like your "murky" yarn! The colors look deep and interesting. I'm always very hard on my hand dyes...but I love everyone else's. My husband says that they all look the same to him...